Julia: And The Hunt For The Magical, Mysterious Buttlefly


Julia and the hunt for the magical, mysterious Buttlefly

A novella by Francis d.

Illustrations by EDWINA. Cover design by Paul Thompson

Published by www.trafford.com

He turned and trotted back to the apex of the bend and looked in the direction they had just come from.

“Alphonse.” Julia called his name.

He looked back to where she stood. Sunlight and fairy motes arrested his eyes with the beauty of the picture in front of him.

“Alphonse,” she waved at him, “Don’t you want to meet the Buttlefly ? ”

Alphonse smiled and responded. “Woof!”

And the sound stopped being muted when, from around the penultimate bend came roaring turmoil. Water, twice as high as Alphonse’ head, clashed angrily with the banks. A shrieking, raging animal, fanged with jagged wood. Alphonse whirled his head and froze momentarily at what he saw. But then his mind screamed one word at him – ‘JULIA !’

He turned and started barking, loud and urgent. Julia looked at him, frightened by the intensity of Alphonse’ reaction. A final glance from Alphonse showed him that the clamouring torrent had travelled half the distance already.

He bounded towards Julia, mind racing for answers, heart praying for a miracle.
He barked continuously, but Julia was frozen to the spot, not knowing what she was supposed to do.

Love and fear overcame logic and history.

“Run, Princess, run and climb for your life!” the words spilled from Alphonse’ chest as he bounded desperately towards her.

Julia’s mouth dropped in astonishment at what she heard. It was almost as if the magic of the place was playing tricks on her.

“Princess, you must run now!” and over his shoulder she saw for the first time the wall of water come crashing into the final bend.

“Alphonse!” she screamed, and turned, terror making her knees weak, stumbling towards the wall in front of her.

Alphonse risked a look behind him and in that moment he lost his footing, tumbling forward.

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